Beauty is Not Skin-Deep: The Grandeur Within a Potato


Elizabeth Kilgore

Do you ever take a moment to pause from the ebb and flow of life to appreciate the good old potato?  Me neither.  But I think it’s time we do.

Potatoes have been wrongfully overlooked for centuries.  Looking back at our ancestors (except the Irish, of course), the potato has been an unfaltering and reliable source of income and sustenance.  Though botanically classified as a vegetable, potatoes serve as a versatile crop that can be savored at any time of day by any kind of person.  Even vegans can enjoy them.  

Below I have listed twenty of the bajillions of ways to prepare a potato.

  1. French fried
  2. Smiley fried
  3. Curly fried
  4. Waffle fried
  5. Home fried
  6. Hashbrowned
  7. Baked
  8. Tater totted
  9. Salad-ified
  10. Boiled
  11. Roasted
  12. Hasselbacked
  13. Chipped
  14. Skinned
  15. Gnocchi-ified
  16. Mashed
  17. Pancaked
  18. Bread-ified
  19. Raw
  20. Soup-ified