Runway of Dreams

Olivia Capasso

“The future of fashion is inclusion, because everyone should be able to wear what they want to wear.”

~Mindy Scheier

Mindy Scheier started a fashion organization called Runway of Dreams back in 2013 after seeing how difficult it was for her son to perform everyday tasks with his muscular dystrophy (MD).  All of her son’s friends were wearing jeans to school, but he could not because it would be too difficult for him to go to the bathroom and zip the zipper on his own.  Mindy took her son’s jeans, cut them up, and added elastic so he could be like the other kids.  

Since one billion people experience some type of disability and 10% of those people struggle to get dressed on their own, Mindy decided to create a way for them to feel confident in what they wear.  When designing modified clothing, Mindy focused on three categories– fastenings, adjustability, and wearability.  Buttons and zippers were replaced with magnets, elastics made clothing adjustable, and clothing could be put on and taken off in different ways, such as arms first.  

In February of 2016, Runway of Dreams collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger and made fashion history.  Runway of Dreams was also advertised on shows such as The View and Her Big Idea.  Target is in the process of developing a line for modified clothing, and other brands are also joining in on the movement.  Mindy also started a modeling agency, creating lookbooks for modified clothing models.


Mindy is taking a stand and showing people that what you wear really does matter because clothing impacts confidence and feeling confident matters.

Mindy is flanked by Ava Salerno ’18 and Claire Coffee ’18, co-Presidents of the Fashion Club.
Ciara Fernandez ’19 shows off some adaptive fashion.