SEA You Later

A lyric poem

SEA You Later

Sydney Rafferty

Time went by too fast,

It was in the blink of an eye.

I wish we can go back,

But I don’t regret the times.

The shore has my heart.

Always has, and always will.

Ever since I was little,

Lavallette has been my love.

The wildness of her arms,

The warmness of her body,

She has always had soft hands,

To this day, I bare the tans!

She is calm yet free,

She brings a new mood every day.

Each morning I check the flags,

To see if she was happy, angry, or doing just fine.

I love her, I know she loves me.

I know she recognizes me.

When I play with her,

She has always been nice.

The time has come to say goodbye.

It is time for school,

Is it time to leave this jewel.

It is so hard to do so.

But I know I will be back.

I will see her in nine quick months.

I know we both cannot wait!

I will be seaing her later.