10 Reasons Why Fall is Undeniably the Best Season

Ashley Garrett

Image taken from Pinterest

Every season has something special to offer. Winter has Christmas and snow days, Spring has blooming flowers and warmer weather, and Summer has beach days and ice cream. But the fall has so much more to offer. From late September to mid-December, we can enjoy autumn’s comforts of pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters, and Thanksgiving family-time. Hopefully, you all agree that Fall is the superior season. If you don’t, hopefully I can convince you with the following ten reasons.

1. Fall Sports – During my time at the Academy, I have played a fall, winter, or spring sport for at least one season. As a Junior, I can proudly say that I now only play a fall sport: Field Hockey. The fall sports season is superior to all others. The weather is ideal, the season makes back-to-school less painful, and my favorite sport just happens to be during this season.

2. Food – Apple Cider. Apple Cider donuts. Pie. Pumpkin Munchkins (my favorite). Halloween Candy. Soup. Hot Chocolate. Thanksgiving Food. Must I go on?

3. Leaves – I’m not going to lie, the transition from summer to fall can be tough for me as a student. Yet, the colorful autumn foliage is a spectacle that I look forward to every year. For some reason, the reds and oranges of the trees make the dreaded early-morning drive to school just a bit more bearable.

4. Fashion – The fall season is the best month for fashion. I adore all of the flannels, chunky sweaters, and duck boots. Scarves, light jackets, and cozy hats can upgrade any plain outfit (and make it much warmer when it’s cool outside). Thanks to its versatility, comfort, practicality, and overall cuteness, fall fashion is a favorite of many.

5. Moccasins/Leggings – I decided to make this category follow fashion, because while it does include clothing, I would not consider either of them “fashionable.” Yet, moccasins and leggings are still my go-to fall outfit. They are very comfy, perfect for almost all fall weather, and more presentable than sweatpants. No wonder they’re considered “basic”…what girl wouldn’t want to wear moccasins and leggings?

6. Halloween – In my opinion, you are never too old to enjoy Halloween. It is true that high school students may not go trick-or-treating, but does that mean we cannot enjoy the holiday? No, my friends, it does not. Halloween is still a time for us to scare our unsuspecting friends, dress up in over-the-top costumes for our school assembly, and indulge in unhealthy amounts of candy.

7. Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving is a time for the four F’s: Family, Friends, Football, and FOOD. I have always been biased towards Thanksgiving, as my family has hosted the holiday for as long as I can remember. There is something very comforting about spending time with my family, whether we are watching the Macy’s parade, preparing the meal, or just talking at the table about what we are thankful for. All in all, I would say that it is my favorite holiday.

7. Fall Candles – If you ask any of my friends or family members, they will attest to the fact that I have an unhealthy obsession with scented candles. I could probably burn through a large Yankee candle in a week or less. I would recommend that all of you readers take a trip to your local Yankee Candle store or Bath and Body Works, because I am fully confident that their candle displays will open your eyes (and noses) to all of the beautiful things that scented candles have to offer.

9. Socks – Socks are a fall necessity. Whether they are tall or short, fuzzy or cotton, patterned or plain, all socks have a special place in my heart. There are different socks for every type of weather, boot, or holiday. With so much variety, there is a unique pair of socks for everybody during the fall.

10. Football Games – Having religiously watched all five seasons of Friday Night Lights, I would consider myself a football expert. Every fall, I make an effort to attend a few of the local boys’ schools’ weekend football games. I love the energy, excitement, and the (mostly) friendly competition that come with every football game. Yes, it’s unfortunate that Saint E’s students don’t have a home football team, but there are so many local opportunities for us to still get in on the experience.