Saint Elizabeth’s Fall Fashion

Mother Daughter Tea

The Mother Daughter Tea is a day to celebrate our mothers or mother figures

(left to right) Ava Lupo, Quinn Galligan, Brianna Cutler

Photo credit: Quinn Galligan











(left to right) Alexandra Aloupis, Amanda Marino, Izzy Herzinger, Grace Manno

Photo credit: Izzy Herzinger











The Hunt

The Hunt at Far Hills is a Horse Race that some of the Academy Students attended. 


(left to right/clockwise) Casey Santoriello, Lauren Crenshaw, Ellie Gates, Graceanna Gargano

Photo credit: Ellie Gates












(left to right) Elizabeth Viggiano, Hannah Kelly

Photo credit: Elizabeth Viggiano








Ellie Gates’ Watch 

This watch is an example of accessories worn around school

Photo credit: Ellie Gates