The Best Meal of the Day

Ava Romer

At the Academy of St. Elizabeth, girls of all ages come together to enjoy 56 minutes of food, friends, and fun times- lunch. It’s arguably the best time of the day. You can go to a club meeting or hang out with your friends in the study hall. You can also meet with a teacher or a peer tutor. But food is the main attraction. The food company that works at the College of St. Elizabeth also serves lunches every day in the Academy’s lunch room. So let’s talk to some members of the St. E’s community to see what the best lunches in the cafeteria are.

Annalisa Bio, Class of 2022, states that “The lunches are very good. The tacos are my favorite, but I also like ordering a Caesar salad.”

Mia DiTrolio, Class of 2021, says, “Umm, I get the salads a lot, yeah, chicken Caesar.”

“I’m vegan, but when I do buy, I enjoy fruit and Sabra guacamole snacks.” -Hannah Kelly, Class of 2020.

“I usually get coffee from the cafeteria. Otherwise, I get whatever they are serving. The food is pretty good, so I enjoy what I am eating.” – Mr. Johnson, Biology and Physics teacher at AOSE.


Christina Kennedy (left) and Tori Tyson (right) both of the Class of 2022, enjoy Chicken Caesar salads, a Freshman class favorite, for lunch.