Six Study Methods To Use When in a Time Crunch


Colleen Devenny

  1. Quizlet – This website is a great way to study for any quiz or test. You can use the flashcard mode, have a multiple choice/true or false/matching/written quiz, or you can play matching games. Although these do take some time to prepare, they are great ways to understand the information.
  2. Study blue – Like quizlet, there are different options on how to learn the information. However, many of the times people create ‘class rooms’ where they create study sets for a certain class. You can look up the name of the course or the name of your teacher, and if someone has made a classroom, it will come up. Although there isn’t a guarantee that there will be a study set, it’s good to check before you make one.
  3. Learning ally – Learning ally is a website where you can get almost any book as an audio book. This is a great way to study because you can listen to the book while doing something else. Or, if multitasking isn’t for you, you can take notes on key parts while listening to remember the important stuff.
  4. Rewrite your notes – If you are having trouble with remembering a few vocab words or a formula for math, rewriting it six or seven times can always help. Studies show you are more likely to retain information if you write it down multiple times. To train yourself to remember the information, look at what you have to write the first time, then the following times try to do it off of memory until you can write it down without help.
  5. Speak your notes aloud – If you speak your notes aloud it’s just like hearing your teacher teach you the information to you again. You will be more likely to remember the information if you hear it again than just by rereading the same sentence over and over again.
  6. Eliminate all distractions – If you get distracted easily from watching Netflix or playing games or just not doing what you are supposed to be doing, you can download an app on your computer or phone. This way there is less of a chance of you getting distracted by other things because you can’t see them.