4 Movies I Can’t go Without During the Holiday Season


Renata Lee

Below are four movies that I can’t go without watching during the holiday season. Yes, there are many more iconic movies and I’m sorry if I missed your favorite, but these are the staples for me (in no particular order). Note: these aren’t summaries, but sort of what stood out to me in each movie.


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer:

Everyone knows the story of “the most favorite reindeer of all.” This movie is one of my favorites because of its catchy songs, beautiful animation, and its important message of accepting differences and the importance of individualism, but also friendship. One Christmas season I remember watching this movie practically every day of December because I was so obsessed with it.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas (original 1966 Chuck Jones version):

The original Chuck Jones animated The Grinch has got to be my favorite of the three (although I can’t speak for the most recent version because I haven’t seen it). I loved its loyalty to the book and even to Dr. Seuss’s art style, while it still had touches of creativity here and there that didn’t draw you away from the plot. I also liked its message of togetherness and that Christmas is what you make it; it’s not mainly about the gifts and food (although those are nice too).


A Charlie Brown Christmas:

The music in this movie is some of my favorite Christmas music to listen to during the holiday season. It’s so soothing and creative, and who doesn’t know “Christmas Time is Here” or “Linus and Lucy?” I love the artistry and its engaging simplicity. I also like how this movie focuses on how we get so caught up in the flashiness and commercial aspect of the holidays, we aren’t able to acknowledge the importance of things that can’t be bought in a store, and that can only come from a love towards one another and a sense of togetherness.



How could I not include Elf? Buddy embodies the innocence and energy of a child, but also the ability to see the good in everyone, which is what makes him so endearing. This movie is hilarious and I never get tired of watching it. It emphasizes the importance of family and treating others with the respect they deserve.