New Year’s Resolutions

Ava Romer

New Years is a time to celebrate the old, and welcome the new. This is done by getting together with family and counting down the time until the new year. A popular tradition is making a list of resolutions that you want to accomplish in the new year. And with winter break, that gives you the perfect opportunity to get started. So here are some ideas for resolutions you can make for 2019.


  1. If you want to get in better shape – Women’s Health Magazine, states that if you are trying to get in better shape, to make your goals specific and manageable. For example, try doing a plank two to three times a week. This is easily attainable, as it is not very time consuming and is easy to fit in the busiest of schedules. Women’s Health Magazine also quoted Christi Marraccini, a certified personal trainer in saying, “Instead of resolving to just “get fit”, target your core – the center of all your movements. Having a strong core translates to so many movements.”
  2. Another simple way to improve your health is to take the stairs. This is an easy way to burn calories as well as strengthen your legs. It is also convenient.
  3. To become more responsible – This may seem like such a huge goal that is seemingly near impossible to accomplish. A seemingly small way to start this, is to become a plant owner. Taking care of a plant is a lot of work, but very rewarding. It teaches responsibility by being committed to doing something every day.
  4. Try learning a new language. Learning a language is so useful, whether you want extra practice for school, are traveling to a foreign country, or are even bored and interested in learning about foreign places through the language used there. Not sure how to get started? Try downloading free language apps like Duolingo and Memrise.
  5. Find a hobby –  Finding a new hobby is not only a good way to spend your time, but it is very beneficial. You can do this by finding anything that you enjoy doing and finding a way to utilize it. For example, if you like writing, try writing a story or even a book. This is a great way to spend your time and it makes you happy!