Must-Watch Shows: Recommendations from the Freshmen


Ava Romer

In between homework and study time, the freshman class has two favorite things to do: stuff our faces and watch TV. We love pretty much every food, but we do have some specific favorite shows. So next time you’re avoiding homework or have some free time, we recommend that you check these out:


Reign: This is a show about Mary, Queen of Scots. Now before you think, “I’m avoiding my history homework, why would I want to learn about more history,” let me explain. Reign is so much more than a boring history story. If you want all the drama that you would normally get with humorous shows, you’ve got it! Reign is full of all the juicy gossip. Who knew being a queen came with so much tea? Pun intended.

Manifest: If you’re into mystery or action shows, then this show might be more for you. Manifest is about a group of people that, upon getting off of their plane, discover that they have been missing, presumed dead, for five years. The show has a cast of relatable and likable characters that go through so much. Not only have their lives changed drastically, but they also experience visions and hear things that aren’t there. Even though the characters don’t know much about these “callings,” they are usually meant for them to help people, leading them on unique adventures. Full of suspense and cliffhangers, Manifest is surely a must-watch!