Checking in with 2020: Ashley Fusella

Checking in with 2020: Ashley Fusella

Sydney Rafferty

Do you remember when you were a freshman? Lost in the hallways, looking for room numbers, getting used to all the stairs? Well, this interview is about how a particular freshman is getting used to AOSE. I asked Ashley Fusella, pictured here, about her high school experience so far.


SR: Ashley, can you tell me the hardest thing getting used to about AOSE?

AF: It would probably have to be the stairs. We climb them so many times a day. The worst is when I go from Freshman Seminar in the theater all the way downstairs to math. I definitely get my exercise in.

SR: What are your thoughts about having such a big freshman class?

AF: It’s good because I can have a lot of different friends and hang out with all the girls on different days.

SR: If you had to pick your favorite food from the cafeteria what would it be?

AF: No doubt the fries. They are so good.

SR: Pick your favorite letter day and why?

AF: My favorite letter day would have to be A-Day. I have the best and easy classes in the morning. I also have a study that day.

SR: Are you glad you and your family chose AOSE?

AF: Yes. I love it here. It was the right choice for me. I met great friends already and I have really good classes and teachers.
This concludes my interview with Ashley, stay tuned for more freshman insights as I survey members of the Class of 2020 on how they are keeping up at AOSE.