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Dear Sasha,

I am curious on how to get girls at dances. From all of the animes I watch I know I am supposed to attract their attention with my bulging muscles and charming smile but afterwards how do I make them become my girlfriend?


Absolutely Ripped



I am so happy to help out Oratory Prep’s Ask Amanda and Absolutely Ripped.

This is an interesting question. I feel like every guy wants to know the secrets to getting a girl to be his girlfriend after meeting at a dance. The first thing you have to do after meeting a girl you really like at a dance is to text her!!! If you do not, she will assume that you do not want anything more to do with her than just a dance from the night before.

Next, you need to make sure that you are open to getting to know more about each other. While your bulging muscles and charming smile might work when you first meet, this is the time to show your sensitive side (girls loves this). Try asking questions about her favorite movies, songs, shows, schools subjects, sports, etc. Try to find some common ground. Also, you should be attentive to what she is saying. Once you get to know each other, try offering up dates that you can hang out again.

If you are proactive with getting to know her after the dance, you will most likely succeed in making her your girlfriend. I hope this helps – and I sincerely hope you get the girl! Good luck!