Humans of AOSE

The Academy of Saint Elizabeth, one story at a time.

Humans of AOSE

Ciara: “In the beginning, I walked into the kindergarten, and I found Meghan underneath the table, crying and having a panic attack.  She had her apple juice with her.”

Meghan: “She came under the table and she was like, ‘Hi, I’m Ciara.’  And then she goes, ‘I have a cookie,’ and I said, ‘I got one too,’ and then we traded cookies.  She gave me oatmeal raisin and I gave her chocolate chip.”

Ciara: “And she hates oatmeal raisin; I don’t know why she took it.”

Meghan: “And I’m allergic to apples.”

Ciara Fernandez and Meghan Kowalik, 2019