A Million Ways to Go: Part Two

Part Two of a serialized work of fiction.

A Million Ways to Go: Part Two

Renata Lee


The television screen flickered on as Myles leaned back against a very lavish sofa.  Most of the programs involved the recent election.  After almost an hour of channel-surfing, he gave up looking for something decent.  Politics were already of little interest to him, and this election was particularly intolerable.  Exhausted, the troubled teenager trudged up the stairs to his bedroom.  He heard his mother’s harsh voice, muffled by the thick door to her office.  Her job was nearly killing her and Myles knew it.  

The scenes from earlier that week replayed in his head like a broken record.  Who was that girl and why did he care?  Myles was the definition of anti-social- the freak, the one who evaded the idea of a decent social life at a young age.  He was the one who no one approached because he stayed to the side.  So Myles developed into a cynical, dark being with no emotion.  Still, there was a feeling in his gut which he had not felt in a long time- guilt.  It ate away at him every day since the audition.  Instead of moving on and ignoring the girl, he continued to devise a way to apologize.  This was hopefully a matter of pride, nothing else.  He made his way to the large bed in his gigantic room and opened his laptop.  After watching a new bootleg that someone posted of a recent Broadway show, Myles relaxed and began to drift off to sleep.