Semi-Formal: ‘Twas Lit

Sophomores Skyler Rafferty, Lilly Michaels, Victoria Rainis, Elizabeth Kilgore, Alexandra Rainis, Sydney Rafferty, and Carina Pacheco

Sophomores Skyler Rafferty, Lilly Michaels, Victoria Rainis, Elizabeth Kilgore, Alexandra Rainis, Sydney Rafferty, and Carina Pacheco

Elizabeth Kilgore, Outreach Editor

We were practically unrecognizable. We traded our hair ties for bracelets and our Oxfords for heels, and hit the dance floor.  Gone were our pleated skirts and messy buns as the majority of the student body took on the annual Beth Ball last Friday night.

I deem the night wildly successful, and I think it is fair to say my SEAsters feel likewise…


“Semi was amazing.  I had so much fun with my friends and my date.  We all danced and sung the whole night with each other.  I was really happy to get a break from school and have a night to just have fun with my friends.  10/10.”

Ashley Fusella, 2020

“After many requests by me and my fellow St. E’s student Elizabeth Kilgore, the DJ played our favorite song and that made the dance all worthwhile.”

Chrissy Dibrigida, 2019

“It was lit.”

Sydney Rafferty, 2019

“I had been looking forward to the dance for a while and I was not disappointed; it was so fun and everyone had a good time.”

Carina Pacheco, 2019

“Semi was great this year!  It was a lot of fun, great music, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.”

Brenna Howard, 2018

“I thought semi was so much fun.  We all had a blast and danced all night.  I’m so glad I went this year.  All the people were so sweet and happy- can’t wait for next year!”

Claire McVicar, 2018

“It was really fun, the music was good, and everyone seemed to have a great time singing and dancing.”

Emma Corazza, 2017

“Semi was really fun, especially for the seniors because it was our first year where we didn’t have to bring a date.  It was a little emotional looking back at our four years of semi, so during the slow songs we all got in a circle and danced together.”

Katherine Kilgore, 2017

“I thought the Beth Ball was well-executed this year!  The decorations, specifically the tree and the velvet rope, made it feel like you were actually visiting Rockefeller center.  The food was also another huge plus.  The full meal and snacks that were made available was great compared to the years past!”

Abby DeBoer, 2017

“I had a lot of fun at semi on Friday.  It was a great way to end my last semi at St. E’s!  The food was amazing, too: chicken nuggets and French fries are my fav.”

Ellie Martine, 2017

“I thought it was a really fun event that brought the school together and got everyone into the holiday spirit.  It was super fun seeing everyone dressed up because a lot of us just see each other in our uniform!  As a senior, it was great just dancing with all my friends and celebrating our hard work.”

Julia Plunkett, 2017

“We got a lot of freedom.”

Sadie McVicar, 2020

“It was really fun dancing and singing with my best friends and meeting new people.”

Lauren Tyson, 2020

“It was really fun and I think everyone had a good time.  Student Council and everyone else who helped to put it together did a great job.”

Mia Ferriso, 2019

“I thought it was really fun and we had great music.”

Hannah Corcoran, 2019

“I thought it was a really nice dance.  I don’t usually like dances but as far as dances go it was a very successful one.  I really enjoyed the fact that everyone came together to enjoy the night together.  I liked the feeling of unity between all of the girls in St. E’s.”

Julie Prestigiacomo, 2020