December: The Month of Stress


Katherine Kilgore

While most Academy students look forward to December as a time to bake Christmas cookies, go sledding, and stay in bed to watch Netflix over break, seniors tend to have a different outlook. For us, December is the month of stress. It is the month that the first college acceptances, deferrals, and the dreaded rejections come out.

As a student who has yet to receive either an acceptance or a rejection, I was curious to know what it really truly feels like to get into your top choice schools. Is it really all that it’s cracked up to be? Is it a relief? Is it even worth all this stress?

I decided to take my questions to the halls and ask some of my classmates, in order to get a better understanding as to what it really feels like.


Emily Metzger, attending Colgate University

“Getting into my top college is the most rewarding feeling I’ve ever had. All of my hard work over the past four years has paid off, and it was SO worth it!”


Ariel Baham, attending The College of Saint Elizabeth

“My first choice was CSE. When I first got the letter, I was stressed out studying. Once I read the letter and found out I got accepted, I was so happy that I texted everyone in our class. It lifted a load off of my shoulders.”


Maeve Madden, accepted into Fairfield University, Fordham University, University of Scranton, and Saint Joseph’s University

“Getting accepted into college is kind of like Christmas morning. I’d definitely take a big envelope over a big present this year.”


Ellie Martine, accepted into Boston College

“The day the decisions came out was very stressful – I could not focus on anything else. When I saw that I was accepted I was so ecstatic and relieved that I got into a school I would be so happy going to.”

[editor’s note: since this was originally published, the author was accepted to Penn State]