S.O.S! Midterm Stress!

Wise counsel from our Advice Columnist.

S.O.S! Midterm Stress!

Dear Sasha,

I’ve been really stressed out with midterms and I don’t know how to handle all of the work. Can you offer some advice on how to manage?






Dear Viv,

Midterms: the dreaded “m” word.

This is the week resented the most by students (besides finals, of course). It is easy to find yourself stressed out about Every. Little. Thing.

The first piece of advice I will offer is to stop and breathe. Organization is the most crucial component of midterms. Dedicate an hour on one day during the weekend to just organize all of your notes, tests, and quizzes. Also, making flash cards for all vocabulary and test questions is a great study tactic. It might consume a bit of time but it is all worth it in the end — trust me. Most importantly, DO NOT leave all of your studying to the weekend before midterms. Make sure you spend at least thirty minutes each day leading up to midterms on each of your subjects.

On the other hand, you do not want to tire yourself out by studying 24/7. Make time for activities that allow your brain to rest (Netflix, duh). I suggest making a study schedule for each day. Time management can be difficult at first, especially for freshmen. But if you stay calm and organized I assure you that midterms will be not be as dreadful as you think.

Good luck!!!!