Playing the Bandura

Here is a video of our Newark Christmas Concert, December 2016

Kalyna Leshchuk

I have been taking vocal and bandura lessons since third grade. Bandura is the national instrument of Ukraine; it has fifty-two strings, very similar to a harp. Both my sister and I play bandura duets together at different festivals and churches every year. We recently performed two Ukrainian carols at a Christmas Concert at the Newark parish. It was a very successful performance, and we were able to show everyone how much we have polished the blending of our voices and stepped up our level of bandura playing.

I have recently been able to show my passion for the bandura on a bigger stage. Two years ago, I was accepted into the Women’s Bandurist Ensemble, a twenty-member ensemble of women from Canada, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Ohio. Our major performances were in Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Both the duet and ensemble have allowed me to share the gift of music with others. It has been amazing to be able to perform for others and share the beauty of the bandura and Ukrainian songs. Most of all, it has been rewarding to inspire others.