Peanut Butter: A Tribute

Peanut Butter: A Tribute

Elizabeth Kilgore

In 1849, a legend was born.  As 2017 marks the golden 167-year-anniversary of that groundbreaking year, I thought it only appropriate to pay my proper respects to the legend himself, Mr. Marcellus Gilmore Edson.  

Edson- a name plucked from history books and scattered in the wind; so undeservedly forgotten is this hero that even a Google Images search won’t produce a photo of him.  Despite his missing seat at the table of top-influencers of all time, Edson has inarguably left his mark on the world.  He single-handedly bettered the everyday lives of the human person with his creation of one of the most revolutionary inventions of all time- peanut butter.

At a time when civil war and slavery sullied the unity of the United States, Canadian Edson glued his own countrymen together with the “peanut paste” that rocked the globe.

Since its emergence, peanut butter recipes have been concocted and revised to perfection.  Our generation can thank the refinement and ingenuity of our brilliant ancestors as we bask in the glory that is 21st-century peanut butter.  Skippy, Jif; creamy, crunchy- the possibilities are endless.

It can literally be eaten with anything; it can be enjoyed at any time of day; it can serve as an excellent source of protein and happiness; it can be purchased in 48-ounce jars for only $3.60 at Costco.

Not only is peanut butter impeccable on its own, but it improves the flavor of otherwise subpar foods.  Peanut butter is the only reason jelly is still in business.  In fact, sliced bread was only invented to give peanut butter a pedestal from which to radiate its goodness.

Thank you, Mr. Edson, for the profound impact which you have had and continue to have on your eternally grateful descendants.