Ski Club


Meghan Kowalik

During AOSE Ski Club at Shawnee Mountain, girls from all grades bond over the sport of skiing. We start off our trip with a 45-minute bus ride from school to the mountain. The ride usually consists of sleeping, eating, and A LOT of laughing.

Once we get to the mountain, we trudge to the lodge with all of our heavy gear. We set up at our usual tables and then start getting ready for four hours of skiing. Layer on top of layer, we make sure we are kept warm throughout the night. We meet for dinner around 6:30 pm. Although the food in the lodge is pricey, the fries and burgers are pretty good. After we finish eating (and warming up), all the sophomores usually head out for a group run. My personal favorite is the terrain park, which includes jumps and rails. We ski until 8:20 and then head inside to take off our skiing attire (and taking off ski boots is the BEST feeling in the world).

The bus ride home mostly consists of sleeping and streaming Netflix. Once we reach the school we grab all our gear and wait tiredly for our parents in the front parking lot . The AOSE Ski club is a great way to bond with our fellow Seasters and we all look forward to it every week.