When in Mexico

Elizabeth Kilgore, Outreach Editor

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.  When in Mexico, do as the Mexicans do.  Sometimes that means speaking Spanish; sometimes it means using pesos instead of dollars; sometimes it means putting stuff on crepes.

In an effort to promote international cooperation and cultural diffusion, I carried a very important recipe across the border on my recent trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico in order to share some authentic American cuisine with my southern neighbors.  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen.  I’m talking about the peanut butter-bacon-avocado-honey-toast concoction that has had your mouths watering since its conception.

Though French in origin, crêpes are commonly consumed for both breakfast and dessert in Mexico (or at least in the touristy parts).  Lamenting the shortage of gluten-free bread products in Mexico, I was left with few options.  In a desperate search for something as equally versatile and carbohydrate-filled as bread, I discovered that crêpes were the perfect substitute.
To no one’s surprise, it was muy bueno.