Poetry: A Shattered Mirror

Poetry: A Shattered Mirror

Viviana Kaszubski

Imagine all the people in the world are shattered shards of a mirror.

In a room, some of the shards of the mirror reflect the ground; others, the ceiling; still others, the walls.

But each shard sees and reflects some part of the room.

No matter who we are or where we come from, we reflect some part of the room.

What we, the single shards, see of the whole room is just our individual lives- our relationships, our jobs, our feelings, our selves.

But the whole picture, the entire room, is the world as a whole.  It is what all of our viewpoints make together.  It is the combination of all of our cultures, and beliefs, and personalities.

The world as a whole is a mystery.  In the same way, the room is too big to be seen by a single shard.

All of the people of the world make the room what it is.

We give purpose to the world.

As the shards, we not only see the room, but we create it.

All of our individual selves reflect whether the world is Intelligence, or Ignorance; Selflessness, or Selfishness; Good, or Evil.

We decide what the world is.  When we decide what it will be, we decide what we ourselves will be.  We decide what we will reflect.


So, Decide.