Poetry: The Winter People


Chrissy Dibrigida

I think winter people have it best

Compared to the ones who can live less-dressed.

For, every year the cooler days come,

And the winter people trade the sun

For fresh white blankets that cover all the summer fun.


But with the new scenery set,

Winter people get freshly dressed

Like the snow itself.

The winter people pile high

With clothes to keep them warm and dry.


What is most outstanding about this type of men

Is how they adapt and allow the fun never to end.

And as the winter snow starts to melt,

I realize the winter people set a positive example for myself.

No matter what the weather-

Warm and hot,

Or so cold one needs three sweaters,

These people come into every new season

With renewed spirit and good reason.

And they always have a cardigan ready

For when they are no longer warm and safe,

Protected by the summery days.


The winter people always look toward the next season,

Anticipating something new.

Now my only wish is to live my life

As the winter people do.