Sports’ Unsung Heroes: The Managers

The entire Panther Banter editorial collaborated on this feature celebrating the “unsung heroes” of Panther Athletics: our team managers!

Lilly Michaels, left, and Sadie McVicar, Lacrosse Managers.

What does it mean to you to be a sports manager?


“It’s important to me to be able to cheer on my school and help them out in any way possible.  I also love being with my friends outside of school and watching them grow as athletes.”

Lilly Michaels ’19, Lacrosse Manager


“I love being the lacrosse manager because it’s a good way to stay in the circle with the sports teams especially since I only play a fall sport.  I also love the bus rides with the team.  Now I understand the game unlike last year when I would watch the games and not know anything!”

Sadie McVicar ’20, Lacrosse and Basketball Manager


“To me being a sports manager feels just as important as a player.  I feel like we have responsibilities that are needed for the team.  Doing the stats and the clock is very important to a team because it is the stats that are shown to other people.  I like being a sports manager to be with my friends and to also get involved in the school and get to learn the game.  Being a manager takes a lot of time and commitment but you don’t realize it because you’re with people you like, meeting new people, and of course having fun.”

Ava Salerno ’18, Lacrosse Manager


“To me being a sports manager is an awesome way to be a part of a team just not in the average way.  Over time you really start to get into the sport and notice all the skill and pick up on some mistakes.  Personally doing stats, I think because there are several girls who are hoping to achieve certain lacrosse milestones, it can be a real pressure to make sure I see not only the goal but also the assist.  While doing this to help out I have also gotten to know people so much better and have gotten to know the two incredible coaches.”

Claire Coffey ’18, Lacrosse Manager


“I get to be part of the team, but while they run, I eat.”

Mia Ferriso ’19, Basketball Manager


“Being the swim team manager means you have to deal with Mr.Yarn, which can be a job in and out of itself.  But in reality it’s a great way to be a part of the team without swimming.  A swim manager is important because we keep all the stats for the team.  The best part is getting thrown in the pool at the end of the season.”  

Katie Von Schaumburg ’18, Swim Team Manager

“Being a swim manager has a lot of responsibilities but it’s fun. It’s an important job because without us there would be no stats from the meets.  The best part is being able to cheer on the team because there is a small amount of fans who can make it to the pool.  Also, getting thrown in the pool at the end of the season is awesome!”

Maggie Corcoran ’20, Swim Team Manager


“Being softball manager means that I am able to support the AOSE softball team and cheer them on in a fun way, as well as spend more time with my SEAsters.”

Ariel Baham ’17, Softball Manager


“Being a manager is something I’ve never done before so it’s a great new experience.  I love being able to spend time with my friends outside of school and feeling like I’m part of the team.”

Emma Corazza ’17, Softball Manager

Why did you want to be the Volleyball Manager?

“I love volleyball, but practice was too much to handle with my time management.  I decided that managing for the team was the perfect balance because I still got to be a part of the team.”

Meghan Kowalik ’19, Volleyball Manager

What was your favorite part of managing?

“When the team won was my favorite part of being the manager.  The team was so happy and I was so happy for them!”

Kathryn Salort ’19, Volleyball Manager