Questions for Emma Corazza ’17, Softball Manager

A first-time manager talks about her role on the team.

From left, Katherine Kilgore '17 with Softball Managers Ariel Baham '17 and Emma Corazza '17.

From left, Katherine Kilgore ’17 with Softball Managers Ariel Baham ’17 and Emma Corazza ’17.

How did you become a manager?

I wanted something to join to keep me occupied. Also my friends were playing and it is my last year, so I wanted spent time with them that I wouldn’t be able to spend otherwise.


Have you managed any other sports before?

Nope. This is my first one!


What are some tasks that you do as manager of the softball team?
I keep the stats in the book mostly, which was something I had to be taught. At first I had no idea what I was doing, but I think I have the hang of it now.


Do you feel like you can take on more tasks, or are your hands full with the tasks you are currently responsible for?

I feel like I can take on more. All I have to do is pay attention to the game and keep the stats in the book, so I really have time to do more things if needed.


Do you go to every practice and game?

No, just games. I try to make it whenever I can.


Do you enjoy going to the games?

Yes. As much as I may complain about travelling the long distances, it really is a good time.


How much time would you say you spend being a manager?

Probably about 5 to 7 hours a week, depending on how many games there are.


Do you find it easy to MANAGE your time between managing the team and other activities?

Yes, it is not too difficult. I play basketball in the winter and volleyball in the fall, which require even more of my time, so it’s been pretty easy managing my time as a team manager.


Do you feel that you have a good relationship with the coaches and the team?

I love the coaches and the team. Coach Papa and Uncle Gerry have always made me feel welcome on the team. They’re both so positive and are clearly dedicated to the sport. I am definitely close to the team as well – they’re all my friends. I feel like I am a part of it – I’m even in the softball snapchat group chat!


What is your favorite thing about being a manager?

My favorite thing about being a manager is getting to spend time with the team and feeling like I am a part of something.