Poetry: Trayvon Martin

A contemporary sonnet in memory of Trayvon Martin.

Poetry: Trayvon Martin

Sydnei Sterling

Bang! …Red, Red, Red, Red. You are almost dead.

Your blood pools to the floor just a little more

With a hood on your head, mind fills with dread.

The monster leaves while you lay on the floor.

You start to fade, pain makes you want to scream

You see his face fill with no emotion.

Your fading away in a violent stream

Your end is clear in fast-forward motion.

Now dead and there is no justice instead.

You were just a kid out for snacks to eat.

Now you’re dead, The news of injustice spread,

The world makes us the villains to defeat.

Still, we unite for equal human rights,

We are just fugitives caught in these fights.