Poetry: E-Strong

My cousin, Eric von Schaumburg was diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, in June of 2013. After 4 years of treatments and trials nothing has cured the disease, only slightly slowing the symptoms. Thirty three years old and bound to a wheelchair and feeding tube only able to use his eyes to type, Eric continues to fight the good fight. Adopting the motto ‘Fight Like a Champion’ and the phrase ‘E-Strong’ everyone has supported Eric throughout his battle.

The diagnosis on the eve of your

Thirtieth birthday changes everything.

Love and support inspires; you endure,

Fighting like a champ, braving, accepting.


A trial evr’y month, anything to slow

Progression. No more independence, you

Rely on help from family. Although,

Your mind works you cannot talk, walk, or chew.


Five years, continue to survive and live,

The pain will not stop, strength and courage guide.

In a wheelchair insanely adaptive,

Deciding to fight is worth the tears cried.


There is no cure, but Eric, fight like the

Champion I know you are. I love thee.