Review: Wattpad App

Review: Wattpad App

Jordyn Baham

Do you like to read and write? Do you sometimes wish that some of your writing would get noticed? Do you want to find a good book to read in a certain genre without needing to purchase it? Well, then I think that this app is perfect for you.


Wattpad is a free online community, where people can share poems, articles, novels, short stories, fanfiction, etc. People can use the mobile app or the online website. Writers are given a chance to share their works with people from all over the world. Users are able to “like”, comment, rate books for contests, or follow writers allowing feedback so they can improve their characters and story development. They can publish their finished piece or working version of books for readers to read.

Those of you who would rather read books and not write them, the app is great for that too! You can find hundreds of books of different genres. You can add a book you are interested in or are currently reading to your private library to continue later on. It also saves your spot in a book automatically so you will never need to worry about losing your place!

I have been using this app for a few months now and I absolutely love it. I have read several books and I follow a few authors as well. I really like the fact that one author is uploading a new chapter every few weeks so I can stay up on the saga without committing to a whole book with my busy schedule. This is also ideal for this time of the year where you can pick a great horror story just in time for Halloween.

This app is perfect for anyone who loves literature. I would highly recommend Wattpad if you are looking for some new and interesting books to read or if you want to get your writing read by someone else. It is good to use at home or while you are traveling. So no matter where you are, you can always have something good to read at your fingertips!