Why Christmas Caroling is a Great Tradition to Have

Jordyn Baham

December 4, 2018

I think everyone can agree that as Christmas nears, we all start to think of the wonderful events, festivities, and traditions of the season. Whether your tradition is visiting family, going on vacation, or staying home and ...

The Best Meal of the Day

Ava Romer

November 27, 2018

At the Academy of St. Elizabeth, girls of all ages come together to enjoy 56 minutes of food, friends, and fun times- lunch. It’s arguably the best time of the day. You can go to a club meeting or hang out with your friends i...

Fall Playlists

Ellie Gates

November 23, 2018

As we get deeper into the fall, it is nice to have different playlists to match different ~moods~. I personally love getting Alexa to play some of my favorites with the leaves blowing outside my window. While I love being co...

Recapping the School Trip to “Once on This Island”

Ashley Garrett

November 8, 2018

Our school field trip to Broadway started as all great days do, with an extra half hour of sleep.  The day only went up from there. Everybody looked amazing, and we were blessed with a break from all of the recent rain.  Thoug...

10 Reasons Why Fall is Undeniably the Best Season

Ashley Garrett

October 30, 2018

Image taken from Pinterest Every season has something special to offer. Winter has Christmas and snow days, Spring has blooming flowers and warmer weather, and Summer has beach days and ice cream. But the fall has so much mo...

Answer a Few Questions And I’ll Tell You Which City You Should Visit

Molly McKenna

October 29, 2018

Find the quiz here. ...

The Fluffernutter: The Underappreciated Cousin of PB & J

Jordyn Baham

October 8, 2018

source   If you have ever had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch, then you would know that it is not only easy to make, but also rather delicious.  But what about the Fluffernutter? The sweetness of the creamy...