2017-2018 Staff

Sydney Rafferty

Managing Editor

I am a junior at the Academy of Saint Elizabeth. I love time management and organization. My hobbies include making slime and making sure everything runs smoothly on this site. I am a dog person who is obsessed with pitbulls....

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Gina Petruzziello


My name is Gina Petruzziello and I’m currently a freshman here at the Academy. I love sitcoms, sleeping, reading, listening to music, and taking pictures. Outside of school, I can be found hanging out with friends or on the socc...

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Viviana Kaszubski


I am a sophomore at Saint E's. Besides Panther Banter, musical theater, soccer, singing, and dancing are some activities I love to do. Procrastination is my number one talent. This involves Netflix, superhero movies, and endless r...

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Advice Columnist

Everyone could use a little advice sometimes. Sasha can help! Submit your query, concern, dilemma, problem, or situation to the pumpkin in the AOSE library.

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Jaclyn Fraser

Music Correspondent

I couldn’t be more excited to have a platform here at school to share some opinions, ideas, and most importantly, all different forms of music with AOSE students. I’d describe myself as someone with very diverse taste in musi...

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Olivia Capasso

Fashion Correspondent

Hey! I'm Olivia but everyone calls me Liv. I'm a junior here at AOSE. My fav Netflix shows include Gilmore Girls, The Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Friends, and Jane the Virgin. I'm the fashion writer for Banter. Basicall...

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Renata Lee

Staff Writer

A girl of many titles, Renata has existed throughout the years as a pianist, critic, artist, comedian, fangirl, actress, singer, and dreamer. Currently, she is most often found watching Broadway and art videos on YouTube, dra...

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Elizabeth Kilgore


At a towering 5’2”, I enjoy unicycling and card tricks.  I call myself Elizabeth; teammates call me E, my grandma calls me Lizzy, teachers call me Katherine.  My hobbies include jigsaw puzzles and laughing at my own jokes. ...

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