Jaclyn Fraser

I couldn’t be more excited to have a platform here at school to share some opinions, ideas, and most importantly, all different forms of music with AOSE students. I’d describe myself as someone with very diverse taste in music, and could happily listen to just about any and every type of music out there. Along with listening to music, I’m a musician myself and perform with my acoustic guitar all around the Jersey shore throughout the summer. I also have years of experience in theater, performing with Papermill Playhouse's Senior All Stars on Tour Company for six years. You can also find me participating in AOSE’s theater program and singing the national anthem for the basketball games here at school.

“Music is a piece of art that goes into the ears and straight to the heart”

Jaclyn Fraser, Music Correspondent

Apr 04, 2017
Do or Don’t? Listening to Music While Exercising (Story)
Jaclyn Fraser